Meet Clive. Clive’s a proper engineer, he’s Old School, from the days when engineers were covered in grease and oil. (Actually, Clive still is covered in grease and oil.) If you want to take apart a traction engine then put it back together again – only better – Clive’s your man. He used to run the old steam launch, Gallant (see first pic, below), that took trippers out on the River Fowey. If you know Fowey, you’ll remember his vessel’s cheery “Toot! Toot!” echoing out across the water.

Clive refurbishes our vintage lights. The main pic (above) shows him changing an unserviceable fitting in a steel ship’s passageway light. He checks all the electrical connections and cleans up the lights, removing any extraneous paint layers from our ex-factory vintage industrial lights, and polishing up the galleries on one of his many workshop machines (pic 2, below). He’ll attach our bespoke hanging hooks and if outdated threads need machining, he’ll machine them. And he’s meticulous.

Clive loves his work. It can’t hurt of course, that his workshop lies right on the river’s edge. Want to feel a little jealous? The third pic shows the view from Clive’s office window every morning – and that’s at low tide, before the sunshine and the boats kick in…

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