Vintage Polished Strand Pattern 264 Theatre Light – With Stand Options

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You look at this and go, Wow. Even we did, and we’re used to this sort of thing. The polishing work is spectacular and you won’t see many – if any – like it.

This is one of several vintage Strand Pattern 264s we rescued from the venerable Playhouse in Weston-super-Mare. The quandary when renovating a 264 is that the body is steel, not aluminium (which polishes well and easily – if you know how), like the 23 and 123. You’ll find many painted and powder-coated Pattern 264s – polished, not so much, because it’s an intricate, large spotlight and hard to get right. So the polishing work is, quite rightly, expensive.

But we bit the bullet, sent one off to a real pro (whose name, I’m afraid, is our closely guarded secret) – and this came back. Wow.

You can find all the technical specs of the Pattern 264 here. Ours has been fully rewired with braided flex, switch and plug and the light now houses an E27 light bulb fitting. It’s not going to throw the light it used to, from the rigging of the theatre – but that isn’t what this is about.

Theatrical history aside – and heaven knows which stars this has illuminated in its time – this is a stunning British design classic, practically architectural. It reeks of style. It speaks to you.

That is why, if you can afford to buy it, you need it.

As with all our portable lighting, each Strand Pattern 264 is PAT-tested.

The stand options for this light are:

  • Steel tripod (pictured)
  • Custom-made teak surveyor’s tripod

Please note: we try to keep one polished 264 in stock; above that number, we will need to sent off to the polisher, incurring a 4-6 week wait.

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