Vintage Polished Strand Pattern 23N Theatre Light – With Stand Options

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** January 2019 – We’ve just had our single Strand Pattern 23N back from the polishers. Snap it up quick!

Classic Strand theatre lights are quickly disappearing from circulation as theatres and the like upgrade to LED lighting. The Strand Pattern 23N, previously rare, is now rare as hen’s teeth. We’ve managed to source just this one in the last two years.

It’s just back from our polisher – and it looks amazing.

PLEASE NOTE – the light you’ll be buying is not the one in the main image (or associated images in the gallery) – we’ve taken one quick picture to get this up on the website. It’s the one photographed against the linoleum background. We’re happy to send you further photos – please ask.

This vintage Strand baby spotlight has been electrically refurbished to take one E27 light bulb. We recommend a high-wattage LED bulb for maximum light output – but this will never put out the same beam it did when wired for the theatre. It’s a design classic and statement piece.

We can custom-mount this for you on a choice of new tripods. (We also have a vintage Strand tripod available, if you’d prefer – again, please ask.) We will also add 1.5m of woven flex, switch and mains plug.

The stand options for this light are:

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