Vintage Polished Seiko Ship’s Radio Room Clock

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As regular visitors to the vintage clocks section of our site will know, radio room clocks are much sought after, being far rarer than the standard version (since there is only one radio room on a ship – therefore just one radio room clock per vessel).

Plus they feature the very distinctive and eye-catching red and green (or sometimes blue) segments on the face, denoting times of radio silence and monitoring – info here.

We pick these up when we can and were lucky to source three of this Seiko rimmed version, which we stripped of their paint and polished the steel bodies.

The on-board version run off marine electrical systems, incompatible with domestic versions, so the original mechanism has bee stripped out and replaced by a very reliable quartz version with requires one AA battery (not supplied.)

Dimensions: 22 cm across the back, 8 cm deep.

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