Vintage Pulsar 56/64 Long Par Can Tripod Floor Lamp

£240.00 (inc VAT)

We recently purchased a number of vintage par cans (dating from the early 1990s) that were being removed from Cornish holiday parks, to make way for LED versions.

The trick has been to mount them and to replace the original 500W lens with a light source that suits domestic use.

We cracked this long nose version by using a commercial 23W LED downlighter, precisely the same width as the old lens. LED 23W is equivalent to around 130W traditional, so this puts out quite a beam! And because it's LED it barely heats up.

We have wired the lamp using 2.5m of funky red woven vintage-style flex, switch and plug. The par can is bespoke-mounted on a teak tripod with retractable legs.

Par can dimensions: 42 cm long, front 25 cm x 25 cm

The whole caboodle offers eye-catching vintage theatrical lighting, mounted – at under £250!

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