Revivals Vintage Hanging Light Bulb Pendant

    The vintage hanging lightbulb, often swag-hanged in clusters, is a ubiquitous favourite for home, bar and restaurant lighting. Any Old Lights’ exclusive upgraded industrial version is the same principle, but far more striking. Check out the photograph of a string of four hanging in Kittows, our local delicatessen!

    We based our design on a 1950s Revo industrial wall light, removing the arm, and transforming it into a pendant. Now your attractive filament lightbulb has a vintage well glass housing, to stand out from the crowd. The housing itself is made from cast aluminium retaining the Revo branding. The two sections part and the light hand-blown glass jar is placed between the two.

    Brass wing nuts, providing a contrasting colour, are wound down to hold the sections together.

    Each simple pendant light is wired with 2 metres of red, brown or grey braided three-core flex, wired into an E27 Edison screw lightbulb fitting. An attractive aluminium domed ceiling rose is provided. Or leave off the rose and swag-hang these in threes, fours or more!

    We can also rewire with greater lengths of flex for a small added fee – please ask.

    Small nylon screw-in clamps at the top and bottom of the flex hold it in place, negating any need for chains or wire to take the weight.

    You won’t find these lights anywhere else in the world. So if you’re looking for something colourful, vintage, simple, industrial and unique for your kitchen lighting, or for a bar or restaurant lighting project – you can’t go wrong at this price!

    Dimensions: 11 cm diameter glass, 23 cm high.

    £41.67 (ex VAT)


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