Vintage Nautical-Brass Giant Light Bulb Table Lamp

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We bought a large stock of giant LED E27 light bulbs, to fit inside our vintage tripod floor lamps. So many, in fact, that we wondered about turning some into table lamps. And we got lucky.

Every time we adapt one of our vast and gorgeous vintage steel and brass fox lights for tripod use, the heavy cast brass base is removed. By chance, that base perfectly accommodates an E27 light bulb holder. Hence this stunning table lamp was born!

So we (when I say we, I mean our engineer extraordinaire, Clive) attach the holder into the underside of the base, drill a hole to accept electrical flex, and trail out brown woven vintage-style flex, wired with switch and plug.

These brass bases, which are 60-70 years old, have been extensively used at sea, and exhibit small personal dinks and nicks that tell their own story. Only we stock these and each lamp is essentially unique.

The light bulbs themselves are something else – really big, and mesmerising when illuminated. They’re LED so will last for many thousands of hours.

We’ve only just found the time to put these online – they’ve been flying out from our shop in Fowey. Only a limited number remain, as we’re running low on the parent fox lights.

Dimensions: 34 cm high, base width 18 cm.

(In case you’re wondering, the background of the photographs is the stately old safe that sits in our shop, unmoveably.)

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