Vintage 1988 Vostok Russian Submarine Clock – Handwritten Face

£276.00 (inc VAT)

** Last one **

We’ve seen a good number of these iconic Russian timepieces come through our doors. Sadly, supplies have all but dried up and if one does appear on the market, the prices are now just silly.

So this is our last one. It’s an original clockwork Vostok submarine clock body, but the numbers on the face, unusually, have been handwritten. And there’s a spurious Alfa-Laval label stuck where the Vostok branding used to go. (We’ve had one similarly customised face before, on which the label turned out to be from a cigar manufacturer.)

The clockwork mechanism is working and the date – 88-2 (February 1988) – is clearly stamped into the clock edge, as expected of a Vostok clock.

The back, which has not been stripped of the on-board paint and polished, shows the original colour scheme.

A Vostok clock with original dial would currently sell for around £400; we have reduced the price according to the customised dial.

Weight: 2 Kg. Dimensions: 21 cm diameter, 7.5 cm deep.

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