Polished Furse Fresnel Spotlight on Vintage Filmmaker’s Tripod

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A stunning WJ Furse MFR fresnel theatrical spotlight, manufactured in Nottingham in the 1970s. Stripped and polished to a sleek steel finish, the lens holder is cast aluminium with a great patina. Excellent condition.

The tripod is a professional filmmaker’s tripod, super-smooth to operate with all manner of adjustments available. We acquired this from the estate of a local Fowey filmmaker.

This vintage theatre lamp has been rewired with vintage-style grey flex, switch and plug. The fresnel lens opens out on a hinge – see image – and we have incorporated a standard E27 screw-in light bulb holder in front of the concave silver reflector. We installed a 60W filament light bulb for our photographs – you could use a high-wattage LED bulb to achieve greater brightness.

Not many of these Furse MFRs remain in circulation, indeed all vintage theatrical lighting is becoming increasingly hard to find.

The spotlight itself measures 28 cm deep, with a 28 cm diameter lens front. Light included, the tripod extends from approximately 110cm to a staggering 240 cm – our tallest tripod by some distance.

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