Large Vintage Brass Ship’s Cargo Light – With Stand Options

£600.00 (inc VAT)

Own a riveting piece of maritime history with this large vintage brass nautical cargo light, mounted on a choice of two heavyweight surveyors’ tripods. We have sourced just a limited run of these hard-to-find beauties.

The lamp itself measures 50 cm long, with a 35 cm diameter face. The original ocean-going paint has been removed and the brass polished to a shining finish, complete with patina and a few minor dents from its history of service at sea.

The brass-framed glass lens is removed by unscrewing six fixings at the front, and lowered to suspend on a hinge. We have replaced the old electrical fitting with a new standard E27 light bulb fitting and wired with vintage-style flex, switch and plug, ready to go. You can see the effect of even a small 60W filament bulb illuminated inside – the light flares and blazes in yellows and orange. A large globe light bulb would be still more effective.

On the heavy teak surveyor’s tripod (pictured) it stands roughly 140 cm tall rising to 180 cm extended. (Measurements are similar if mounted on the heavy aluminium surveyor’s tripod – though considerably heavier.)

This would make a rare and stunning statement light in a lounge or hallway, or in the reception area of a restaurant.

The stand options for this light are:

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