Revivals Nautical/Industrial Steel Scissor Desk Lamp

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Back when we could source them, our ships’ vintage scissor lamps were a very popular item.

Since they became obsolete around the end of 2017, we have created our own exclusive version. Ours is very similar in style, in steel with brass touches, as in the original – the primary difference in design is that our shade is polished outside and brushed inside, and also sturdier than the original’s. (The original shade had a tendency to misshape.)

The other main difference is the cost – ours sells at under £100, a great price for a desk light of this quality and heritage.

The scissor is made from riveted steel, which concertinas inwards and outwards. This is attached to a wall using two screws, top and bottom of a steel rod. The spun-steel shade mirrors the shape of the original’s, at a far higher quality.

It works in an office or domestic setting, as a desk lamp or a bedside light. It could be pushed in and angled to create mood lighting, then pulled outwards and angled over a job for quick task lighting.

Each is wired using 1.5m of vintage-style three-core woven grey flex, with switch and plug, and takes one standard E27 light bulb (not supplied).

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