Revivals Caged Aluminium Lemar Nautical Pendant Light

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Our Lemar passageway lights, based on the design of a defunct vintage original, are hot sellers. So we’ve adapted them as pendants, being the first of our ongoing range of Any Old Lights own-brand lighting for 2018.

These are packed with character and brimming with quality. The LEMAR 2511 and EIS original branding in relief remain on either side of the top of the casing; the wall-arm has gone and now a large hanging hook has been screwed into the top of the light.

At this price they would be ideal for a commercial project, in numbers, and look perfectly suited to a contemporary kitchen, hallway, porch or dining space.

The thick cast aluminium cage can be unscrewed to expose the glass ‘jar’, which in turn is unscrewed to reveal the standard E27 light bulb fitting. We recommend using an LED light bulb of any wattage, so you can have as little or as much brightness as you require. An LED filament bulb is obviously more decorative.

Each light is pre-wired with 1m of black woven three-core cable, and comes with chain and ceiling hook – only the light bulb isn’t included. We can rewire with a longer length of woven cable (red, brown or grey) for a small fee on request – please ask.

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