Revivals Copper Round Nautical Bulkhead Light

    The copper version of this classic 4-bar nautical bulkhead light is produced exclusively for Any Old Lights.

    This is a solid brass light with real weight and quality casting – beware flimsy copies – that has been fully copper-plated.

    The three brass wing-nuts unscrew to reveal the standard E27 screw-in light bulb fitting. A thick rubber gasket surrounds the glass dome, which is then positioned in place and the cage reattached.

    This light comes pre-wired, for your electrician to easily connect to your mains ring.

    Weighs 2.8 Kg, 21 cm diameter, 12 cm deep. Rated IP44.

    Note: These round bulkheads come with clear glass as standard. We now exclusively offer ribbed glass (£15 inc VAT) as an eye-catching option (see images).

    £100.00 (ex VAT)

    16 in stock


      • £per light

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