Revivals Round Aluminium Art Deco Nautical Bulkhead Light

£100.00 £87.50 (ex VAT)

The latest addition to our exclusive own-brand range of lighting. (We also have a matching oval version.)

This nautical light is based very closely on a now-obsolete steel vintage light we had in stock briefly. Ours is a little larger, to fit our standard round ribbed glass dome, and now made from cast aluminium. The aluminium has not been highly polished but retains a patina in keeping with the original steel.

A chunky light – 25 cm diameter, 13 cm deep – it is as industrial as it is nautical.┬áThe honeycomb-shaped cage protects the glass, but also gives the light a very distinctive Art Deco vibe.

Since we are the only stockist of this light, you know you’re getting something unique. Applications? Ranged along a hallway in numbers or use one or two as statement lighting. Great for a pub or restaurant where a distinctive design is required.

Each is fitted with an E27 light bulb fitting and pre-wired with a short length of three-core cable.

20 in stock

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Weight 2.5 kg

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