Antique 4-foot Brass-Inlaid Mahogany Ship’s Wheel

£576.00 (inc VAT)

A large and heavy ship’s wheel circa early 1900s. This eight-spoke wheel measures 124 cm spoke-tip to spoke-tip and is 5 cm thick.

Customarily the dead-ahead spoke has a brass tip (see picture), to aid steering. Either side of this, the lacquer on the mahogany is worn, where the helmsman’s hands have wrestled it this way and that on the high seas. This wheel tells a dramatic story and was clearly in use for some time on board ship.

Turned around, on the rear of the brass hub ‘BSS 1024’ and ‘011’ have been stamped into the metal.

Antique ships’ wheels of this size are not readily come by, and ours is in very good condition. As a centrepiece to a room, as nautical decor, it would have a dramatic effect, or would work equally impressively in a guest house or hotel.

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