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  • Contemporary vintage swan neck ship wall light with 360 flash - main

    Revivals Aluminium Swan Neck Nautical Wall Light

    £70 (ex VAT)
  • new aluminium oval bulkhead

    Revivals Oval Aluminium Ribbed-Glass Nautical Bulkhead Light

    £70 (ex VAT)
  • aluminium 4 bar bulkhead repro light

    Revivals Aluminium Round Nautical Bulkhead Light

    £70 (ex VAT)
  • lemar passageway light reclaimed light

    Revivals Aluminium Lemar Nautical Wall Light

    £85 (ex VAT)
  • Revivals round copper nautical bulkhead light with 360 flash

    Revivals Copper Round Nautical Bulkhead Light

    £100 (ex VAT)
  • Revivals copper and brass round ships light with 360 flash

    Revivals Copper & Brass Round Nautical Bulkhead Light

    £100 (ex VAT)
  • vintage brass reclaimed light vintage light brass passageway

    Vintage Japanese Brass 90 Degree Caged Passageway Light

    £135 (ex VAT)
  • large brass swan neck passageway light with copper shade

    New Large Brass Swan Neck Passageway Light with Copper Shade

    £100 (ex VAT)
  • original ships shaded brass passageway light

    Vintage Ship’s Brass Passageway Light with Shade

    £150 (ex VAT)
  • Revivals domed ships passageway light with 360 flas

    Revivals Aluminium Domed Nautical Wall Light

    £70 (ex VAT)
  • Revivals swan neck vintage industrial wall light 360 main

    Revivals Long Swan Neck Industrial Wall Light

    £60 (ex VAT)
  • Exclusive Art Deco round industrial wall light - main

    Revivals Round Aluminium Art Deco Nautical Bulkhead Light

    £100 (ex VAT)
  • vintage light brass reclaimed ship light bullseye bulkhead side view

    Vintage Ship’s Brass Round Bullseye Bulkhead Light

    £145 (ex VAT)
  • vintage maritime light oval caged bulkhead angle

    Vintage Maritime Oval Aluminium Caged Bulkhead Light

    £105 (ex VAT)
  • aluminium and brass plate cage passageway light vintage lighting for sale uk

    Revivals Aluminium & Brass Plate Nautical Wall Light

    £75 (ex VAT)
  • Vintage Round Aluminium Ship’s Bullseye Bulkhead Light

    £125 (ex VAT)
  • Sale! Vintage green enamel wall light - side2

    Vintage Green Enamel Adjustable Wall Light

    £165 £150 (ex VAT)
  • Vintage aluminium and brass nautical passageway light - main

    Vintage Aluminium & Brass Nautical Wall Light

    £125 (ex VAT)
  • reclaimed ships light vintage brass bulkhead angled

    Vintage Reclaimed Ship’s Solid Brass Bulkhead Light Pattern A

    £155 (ex VAT)
  • Exclusive Art Deco oval ribbed glass bulkhead light - main

    Revivals Oval Aluminium Art Deco Nautical Bulkhead Light

    £100 (ex VAT)
  • Vintage bronze Oceanic nautical wall light - main

    Vintage Bronze Oceanic Nautical Wall Light

    £200 (ex VAT)
  • Small Vintage Aluminium Ship’s 4-Bar Round Bulkhead

    £115 (ex VAT)
  • caged steel passageway light reclaimed marine light uk

    Original Ship’s Steel Passageway Light

    £65 (ex VAT)
  • vintage nautical light frosted glass round bulkhead full

    Vintage Round Caged Bulkhead Light

    £100 (ex VAT)

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