Vintage Theatre Lighting

Vintage theatre lighting doesn’t just work in theatres! It makes fantastic statement lighting, usually tripod-mounted, but there’s no reason why you couldn’t hang these on their bracket directly from the ceiling, as big, bold pendant lights.

The finest examples of vintage theatre light are stripped of their original (usually black or green) paint and then hand-polished to a high shine. This is a time-consuming and expensive business, so polished vintage theatre lights are top-of-the-range. Another option is to strip and chrome the lights, which produces a very high finish and is a little cheaper.

Or leave the lights as they were. Given the job they were made for, these are by design, large lights. Sometimes very large! Add the knobs and levers and detailing, their age, and their heritage – a vintage theatre light can be hard to beat, for really setting your lighting stall out.


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