Vintage Ships' Clocks

We don’t sell the daintier brass ships’ clocks as they’re not our cup of tea. We do however stock a small but perfectly formed range of vintage ships clocks: steel double-sided clocks, both round and triangular, as well as radio room and general steel ships’ clocks.

Like most fittings aboard ship, these were once painted that maritime light blue-green, to help protect them from the saline moisture in the air. Most of our vintage clocks are stripped of this layer and the steel polished, to a very striking finish. (Some clocks experience corrosion, depending upon where on board they were sited, and we sell these at reduced prices – a bargain for the vintage hunter happy with natural weathering.)

With some, we retain the original paint finish, as the pastel-like light blues and blue-greens work extremely well with the vintage palette. Both polished and painted versions prove extremely popular and our limited runs of restocks always sell out fast.

We also sell – whenever we can find them, which is becoming less often – the pièce de résistance of the ships’ clock world: the Russian submarine clock manfactured by Vostok in the 1980s and earlier. A weighty, iconic piece, guaranteed to draw envious glances.

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