Porthole Mirrors

As you can imagine, when a ship gets decommissioned and broken down into its constituent components, a great number of portholes can be involved. Multiply that by the number of ships decommissioned annually and that’s a lot of portholes. And there are only so many people who want a nautical window in their property.

Hence the bright-spark wheeze of fixing a mirror over that enormously thick glass and turning these once functional items into beautiful maritime curios. These look great as a one-off in domestic bathrooms, or we’ve supplied in bulk commercially to restaurants and bars.

Porthole mirrors come unkeyed (ie one-part with no hinged opening window) and keyed (two-part portholes with hinged window), round and rectangular. Available in both brass and aluminium. The brass tend to be much older than the aluminium versions, well into vintage territory.

If we’re out of stock, please get in touch – we can always source some for you.

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