Any Old Lights Exclusives

Such is the popularity of vintage lighting, both industrial vintage and maritime vintage, that the lights will all eventually disappear from circulation. That has already happened to numerous patterns. Which is why we hold back the very last remaining light – or ship’s clock – of any popular, exquisite pattern, and copy it.

We will be adding to this range in the coming months. Already we have the stunning range of nautical fresnel pendant lights, based on a Russian vintage ship’s light. Originally made purely in aluminium, we’ve added brass and copper versions.

Key to us is that these are of the finest quality, cast in solid metals. Not the flimsy copies that abound on eBay. One of our lights will last a lifetime.

Not only does the Any Old Lights Exclusives retro range offer you access to lights that have become obsolete, our versions are significantly cheaper than the originals.

So hang them in numbers to create the Wow factor – they’d work amazingly in a contemporary, vintage or retro design scheme, in a kitchen, a lounge, a restaurant or a bar.

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