Tripod Floor Lamps

Our tripod lamp range is always very popular at Any Old Lights. We take a vintage maritime light that was already beautifully made and intricately detailed, that oozed back-story, and mount it on a tripod of superb quality.

We currently offer a choice of three types of tripod: new mangowood surveyor’s tripod (£108); custom made teak surveyor’s tripod (£174); and exclusive cast aluminium surveryor’s tripod (£210), commissioned by ourselves and copied from a classic theodolite tripod.

We also offer for the lower budget, two exclusive new aluminium searchlights on steel tripods – the larger of the two appeared in 2017’s Michael Bay blockbuster, Transformers: The Last Knight – as well as a copy of our ever-popular and increasingly hard to source vintage small copper and brass cargo light, mounted on a choice of tripods.

We have partnered with a local metalworker who can make bespoke fittings, to attach each of our vintage original searchlights to one or more types of stand. Ask us and we can help!

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