Ship's Fox Lights & Cargo Lights

If you’re after a statement light, you’ve come to the right place. Our cargo lights/searchlights/fox lights, whatever you prefer to call them, are big, bold and brilliant. (Incidentally, we’re often asked about the name fox lights; essentially they’re cargo lights, used to illuminate the deck of a ship when loading and offloading.)

These are the big game of the vintage maritime lighting hunt, intricate and beautiful in design. Originally the searchlight was smothered in nautical light blue-green paint, to protect them from the elements. Since they spend their lives above the deck and in direct line of Mother Nature’s fire, ours are stripped and polished, to reveal the stunning original metals: brass, copper, aluminium, steel, and combinations of each.

Check out our Tripod Lights page, if you really want to show one of these off.

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