Ship's Caged Passageway Lights

Passageway lights come in all materials, designs and sizes (within reason), but all have that 90-degree bend in common, ensuring they protrude as little as possible along narrow ships’ passageways. This makes them perfect for smaller rooms and corridors. A line of these along a hallway, for instance, looks extremely captivating – we’ve supplied restaurants and bars with the same.

These lights, too, are becoming harder to find. We were very happy to track down a run of original aluminium passageway lights (the aluminium caged Lemar lights, which have proven extremely popular and our stock is close to exhausted), and we’ve secured a decent stock of the ever-popular vintage Japanese brass 90-degree passageway lights.

So, of course, we also offer perfect copies of these original vintage passageway lights, in several designs, for every taste and budget.

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  • Contemporary vintage swan neck ship wall light with 360 flash - main

    Revivals Aluminium Swan Neck Nautical Wall Light

    £70 (ex VAT)
  • lemar passageway light reclaimed light

    Revivals Aluminium Lemar Nautical Wall Light

    £85 (ex VAT)
  • vintage brass reclaimed light vintage light brass passageway

    Vintage Japanese Brass 90 Degree Caged Passageway Light

    £135 (ex VAT)
  • large brass swan neck passageway light with copper shade

    New Large Brass Swan Neck Passageway Light with Copper Shade

    £100 (ex VAT)
  • original ships shaded brass passageway light

    Vintage Ship’s Brass Passageway Light with Shade

    £150 (ex VAT)
  • Revivals domed ships passageway light with 360 flas

    Revivals Aluminium Domed Nautical Wall Light

    £70 (ex VAT)
  • aluminium and brass plate cage passageway light vintage lighting for sale uk

    Revivals Aluminium & Brass Plate Nautical Wall Light

    £75 (ex VAT)
  • Vintage bronze Oceanic nautical wall light - main

    Vintage Bronze Oceanic Nautical Wall Light

    £200 (ex VAT)
  • caged steel passageway light reclaimed marine light uk

    Original Ship’s Steel Passageway Light

    £65 (ex VAT)
  • original brass passageway light reclaimed marine light uk

    Solid Brass Original Vintage Ship’s Passageway Light

    £125 (ex VAT)
  • original brass passageway light reclaimed marine light uk

    Brass Original Vintage Ship’s Wall Light

    £125 (ex VAT)
  • Vintage Dae Yang brass nautical wall light - main

    Vintage Dae Yang Brass Nautical Passageway Wall Light

    £135 (ex VAT)
  • Vintage ship light Dae Yang aluminium and brass passageway - side

    Vintage Aluminium & Brass Dae Yang Ship’s Passageway Light

    £135 (ex VAT)
  • Large finned aluminium ship's wall light - main

    Long Finned Caged Ship’s Passageway Light

    £130 (ex VAT)

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