Ship's Bulkhead Wall Lights

We’ve seen such a range and number of ships lights for walls, or bulkhead lights, come through our warehouse. Already these vintage lights have become harder to source and in certain cases, obsolete. When you buy a light built to last a lifetime, you make sure it does.

How dearly we’d love to be able to find some more vintage copper and brass 4-bar round bulkheads. Even the humble German caged aluminium round bulkhead has sold out and are proving tricky to source (but we will).

That’s why we offer, in addition to our vintage lighting range, copies of the original ship lights – including a gorgeous round four-bar copy of a maritime original, in copper and brass. And copper. (They’re also cheaper than the vintage wall lights, so suited to the tighter refurbishment budget.)

Of course, having our ears to the ground, we are always sourcing different patterns of vintage bulkhead lights, some in limited numbers – so make sure you’re quick!

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  • Contemporary vintage swan neck ship wall light with 360 flash - main

    Revivals Aluminium Swan Neck Nautical Wall Light

    £70 (ex VAT)
  • new aluminium oval bulkhead

    Revivals Oval Aluminium Ribbed-Glass Nautical Bulkhead Light

    £70 (ex VAT)
  • aluminium 4 bar bulkhead repro light

    Revivals Aluminium Round Nautical Bulkhead Light

    £70 (ex VAT)
  • lemar passageway light reclaimed light

    Revivals Aluminium Lemar Nautical Wall Light

    £85 (ex VAT)
  • Revivals round copper nautical bulkhead light with 360 flash

    Revivals Copper Round Nautical Bulkhead Light

    £100 (ex VAT)
  • Revivals copper and brass round ships light with 360 flash

    Revivals Copper & Brass Round Nautical Bulkhead Light

    £100 (ex VAT)
  • vintage brass reclaimed light vintage light brass passageway

    Vintage Japanese Brass 90 Degree Caged Passageway Light

    £135 (ex VAT)
  • large brass swan neck passageway light with copper shade

    New Large Brass Swan Neck Passageway Light with Copper Shade

    £100 (ex VAT)
  • original ships shaded brass passageway light

    Vintage Ship’s Brass Passageway Light with Shade

    £150 (ex VAT)
  • Revivals domed ships passageway light with 360 flas

    Revivals Aluminium Domed Nautical Wall Light

    £70 (ex VAT)
  • Exclusive Art Deco round industrial wall light - main

    Revivals Round Aluminium Art Deco Nautical Bulkhead Light

    £100 (ex VAT)
  • vintage light brass reclaimed ship light bullseye bulkhead side view

    Vintage Ship’s Brass Round Bullseye Bulkhead Light

    £145 (ex VAT)
  • vintage maritime light oval caged bulkhead angle

    Vintage Maritime Oval Aluminium Caged Bulkhead Light

    £105 (ex VAT)
  • aluminium and brass plate cage passageway light vintage lighting for sale uk

    Revivals Aluminium & Brass Plate Nautical Wall Light

    £75 (ex VAT)
  • Vintage Round Aluminium Ship’s Bullseye Bulkhead Light

    £125 (ex VAT)
  • Vintage maritime bulkhead brass daeyang light - main

    Vintage Dae Yang Brass 6-Bar Bulkhead Light

    £165 (ex VAT)
  • Vintage aluminium and brass nautical passageway light - main

    Vintage Aluminium & Brass Nautical Wall Light

    £125 (ex VAT)
  • reclaimed ships light vintage brass bulkhead angled

    Vintage Reclaimed Ship’s Solid Brass Bulkhead Light Pattern A

    £155 (ex VAT)
  • Exclusive Art Deco oval ribbed glass bulkhead light - main

    Revivals Oval Aluminium Art Deco Nautical Bulkhead Light

    £100 (ex VAT)
  • Vintage bronze Oceanic nautical wall light - main

    Vintage Bronze Oceanic Nautical Wall Light

    £200 (ex VAT)
  • Small Vintage Aluminium Ship’s 4-Bar Round Bulkhead

    £115 (ex VAT)
  • caged steel passageway light reclaimed marine light uk

    Original Ship’s Steel Passageway Light

    £65 (ex VAT)
  • Mini vintage round brass ship's bulkhead light - main

    Mini Vintage Round Brass Ship’s 4-Bar Bulkhead Light

    £125 (ex VAT)
  • vintage nautical light frosted glass round bulkhead full

    Vintage Round Caged Bulkhead Light

    £100 (ex VAT)

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