It’s OK, we aren’t that ancient and neither have we taken up dangerous sports. No.

We have just begun showing our lights on the website in 360˙ rotation. So now, by using a simple scroll bar, you can see one of our gorgeous ship lights from every angle.

We won’t bore you with the palaver required to achieve this technological leap, but to say that it took new hardware, software, dozens of person-hours and numerous calls to support bods would be understating it.

It’s a time-consuming business, even now we’re perfected it, so we will be phasing in the 360 versions over the coming weeks, beginning with our own Revivals range of lighting.  Here’s our first 360˙ light, the classic domed nautical passageway light:

[smart-product id=”9308″ border=”false” scrollbar=”bottom” style=”vintage”]

Isn’t it lovely! You can find the product link here.

And that’s just one of the giant leaps forward Any Old Lights has planned for 2018 – watch this space!

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